Irish actor Gabriel Byrne has married his long-term girlfriend Hannah Beth King.

The 64-year-old star tied the knot to the brunette producer at Ballymaloe House in Cork in a ''fabulous'' ceremony, the owner of the luxury manor has confirmed.

Speaking to, Hazel Allen, who runs the establishment, said: ''Well our policy is not to give out information on our guests, but yes I can tell you that it was fabulous.''

Sources told the publication that the happy couple spent the weekend in the area and then got married on Monday (04.08.14).

Politician Mannix Flynn was one of the first people to publically congratulate his 'Usual Suspects' star friend on his marriage.

Speaking on RTE's 'Liveline', he said: ''I want to congratulate both of them and wish many years of great togetherness and happiness, that's fantastic news.

''That's a very strong statement to each other and they did it in a great place. It's a fantastic location for anybody to tie the knot so to speak.''

Gabriel previously married Ellen Barkin in 1988 but they separated amicably in 1993 and later divorced in 1999.