Gabriella Cilmi has told of her embarrassment after her proudest moment turned to disaster - when blundering TV bosses left her microphone switched off as she performed at the Australian Grand Prix.
The singer belted out the country's national anthem ahead of the Formula One race in her hometown of Melbourne in March (10), with more than 100 million sports fans tuning in to watch the event.
But Cilmi was devastated when she realised no one had heard her rendition - and she had to be comforted by Hollywood legend John Travolta.
She tells Britain's GMTV, "It was really scary. You know, I was really excited, really nervous about it, going on to the track and all the cars were there behind me, revving, ready to go.
"I sung the national anthem and they forgot to turn my microphone on in TV land! So nobody heard me! But I got a kiss from John Travolta so it's all OK in the end."