Gabriella Cilmi wants to bring out a country album.

The Australian singer - who dramatically changed her sound on her second album 'Ten' - is considering experimenting with a completely different genre on her third LP because she wants to show people she's a diverse performer.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I'll probably do something different next time. I've already done something different this time to last time... I would like to make a country album, I'm a big Jonny Cash fan... I'm also a huge Enya fan, so I'd be looking to do something completely different."

The 19-year-old star also has a "dream" that she will one day get to collaborate with Enya and Jay-Z.

She said: "I love Annie Lennox, I'd love to work with her - that'd be cool. And Lupe Fiasco, he's really great. So yeah... lots of people, but my ultimate dream team would be Enya and Jay-Z. Amazing!"

If her music career doesn't last, Gabriella thinks she would take a totally different type of job.

She said: "I'd be a museum tour guide because I love museums; history was my favourite subject at school. Maybe it could be a crime and punishment museum so I could throw people out!"