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24th September 2010

Fact: David Walliams has sponsored his TV presenter pal Denise Van Outen $1,500 (£1,000) for her upcoming hike along the Inca Trail in Peru. Singers Alexandra Burke and Gabriella Cilmi are also part of the challenging trek, which will benefit the Breast Cancer Care charity.

25th May 2010

Quote: "I was performing at the Grand Prix and I was really excited and I was introduced to John Travolta by the Mayor and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, three kisses. All I could see were his eyes, 'cause he was wearing a hat, so I could just see these bright blue eyes." Singer Gabriella Cilmi was delighted to meet the GREASE star during the sporting event in Melbourne, Australia in March (10).

29th March 2010

Quote: "My dad's a hairdresser and when I was nine, he gave me a Posh bob. I threw a tantrum because I wanted a Geri Halliwell layered cut!" Gabriella Cilmi took style tips from the Spice Girls when she was growing up.

22nd March 2010

Quote: "I'd like my own Superman but I never even get asked out". Singer Gabriella Cilmi is looking for a man.

17th March 2010

Fact: Australian pop star Gabriella Cilmi is to sing the country's national anthem before the start of the Formula 1 motor race in Melbourne on 28 March (10).

15th March 2010

Quote: "My grandmother is always checking up on me, saying, 'Don't do the drugs. You be a good girl.' If I did an Amy Winehouse my grandparents would both pull me by the hair." Singer Gabriella Cilmi on her clean-cut living.

22nd February 2010

Quote: "I am fending for myself more but I am really bad with the boys situation. When I like someone I act like we are still on the playground. I hit them or start calling them names." Aussie singer Gabriella Cilmi, 18, is still too immature to approach men.

20th May 2009

Quote: "They find it so annoying because I'm constantly on the move or travelling in buses and they're like, 'I can't believe you actually want to do this, you crazy, crazy girl - why can't you be a lawyer or something'." Singer Gabriella Cilmi's parents don't understand the rock star lifestyle.

18th May 2009

Quote: "Every night he goes out into the audience and just snogs any girl he can. That's a bit germy, isn't it? How does Anna kiss him with all those germs? It's pretty foul! Gabriella Cilmi warns Enrique Iglesias' girlfriend Anna Kournikova about the singer's stage antics.

14th February 2009

Quote: "I'm single at the minute. I'm indecisive. I like a rough, hairy-faced man. THE KINGS (OF LEON) bassist is really hot." Teen pop star Gabriella Cilmi is on the lookout for a man at this year's (09) upcoming Brit Awards in London.

27th January 2009

Quote: "Liam Gallagher is apparently a fan which is wicked (great). I love Oasis, but it was crazy to hear that." Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi on her famous fans.

2nd January 2009

Quote: "I actually really wanted to cut all my hair off but I knew I would probably cry so instead I got my dad, who's a hairstylist, to shave it on one side." Singer Gabriella Cilmi on her recent haircut.

3rd December 2008

Quote: "I'd love to do a duet with Justin Timberlake, he's cute." Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi has got her eye on a musical collaboration with the SexyBack singer.

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