Actress Gabrielle Anwar became a U.S. citizen for her three kids - because they were all born in America.
The British-born actress has lived Stateside for decades, but only became a citizen in 2008 after realising she had more in common with her adopted country than her homeland.
She says, "I felt it was my duty, since I produced so many offspring here, to have some semblance of a say to be where their future may lead... They were all born here. They were all produced in this country."
And the Scent of a Woman star recently learned all about the importance of immigration and nationality when she discovered her son didn't have a passport just 24 hours before a Caribbean trip.
She tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "My ex-husband is in charge of travel plans... and suddenly it turns out my son doesn’t have a passport. It’s unforgivable. If I could divorce him, I would, but it’s too late.
"The whole system is so bloody antiquated! That one has to carry a book with a photo? Surely we could have chips in our brain, like at the supermarket. I’m all for it."