Actress Gabrielle Union has thrown her support behind a Texas teenager fighting to bring her rapists to justice after video footage of the girl's attack went viral and turned her into a target for cyber bullies.

A 16-year-old Houston resident, identified simply as Jada, was allegedly taken advantage of after passing out at a friend's party last month (Jun14). The boys involved filmed the gang rape on their cell phones and later uploaded clips online, prompting others to mock the victim on social networking sites like

She has been speaking out about her ordeal in an effort to help police track down her attackers and her heartbreaking story has won her the praise of fellow rape survivor Union.

She shared a photo of Jada with her followers on Tuesday (15Jul14) and wrote, "Rape is never funny. Ever. This brave young woman is what a real life superhero looks like... Someone who stands up and acts when injustice occurs. She's just a child and she's using her voice for good, even in the face of her own personal horror... My hero #IStandWithJada".

The Bring It On beauty has previously opened up about her own rape horror, which occurred when she was 19, after an armed robber stormed into the shoe shop she worked at and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.