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Stars Support Green Ribbon Campaign For Mental Health At Emmy Awards

The accessory supports the Green Ribbon Campaign, a movement which aims to open up discussion about mental health. Last year (14), celebrities at the TV prizegiving also wore the ribbon, weeks after...

Gender Identity Is Explored As Jeffrey Tambor Takes On A Tough Role In 'Transparent'

Potentially one of the most important dramas to ever hit the internet is now being aired on Amazon Prime. Starring Jeffrey Tambor as a recently un-closeted transgender parent, 'Transparent' presents a heart-warming story of identity,...

A Week In Movies: Blockbusters Bombard Cinemas, Tom And Emily Have Three Premieres In One Day, And New Trailers Turn Up For Festival Favourites And Disney Animation

Three big films hit cinemas this weekend in the UK (one of them opens next week in America), with a fantasy blockbuster taking on a sci-fi action thriller and a Wild West comedy for box...

Gaby Hoffmann Is Broke

Former child star Gaby Hoffmann is broke after relaunching her acting career because the business is completely different to the one she left behind nearly 15 years ago.Hoffmann, who starred in Field of Dreams and...

Mel Gibson's Rant Brought Child Star To Tears

Former child star Gaby Hoffmann has opened up about working with Mel Gibson as a pre-teen, revealing she broke down in tears when she found herself on the receiving end of his infamous temper.Hoffmann was...

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