If there's one thing you can say about Gal Gadot, it's that she's got a hell of a lot of stamina. Her portrayal of DC superhero Diana Prince in 'Wonder Woman' is relentless from what we've seen so far, and it's all down to months of training as she explained to Conan O'Brien

Gal Gadot at the 'Wonder Woman' premiereGal Gadot at the 'Wonder Woman' premiere

Conan wanted to see if he could become as fit as Wonder Woman in 35 minutes on his show, as Gal Gadot looked on in amusement with her Czech trainer Rudolf Vrba. Together they practised sword-fighting, kicking and, weirdly, the can-can.

'Six months prior to the shoot I had to do a lot of gym work and martial arts', she told Conan. 'You know I can fight?' As it turns out, she was trained for two years in the Israeli army from when she was 20, and admits that that's 'probably where it all began'.

She wasn't going to sugarcoat her feelings about Conan undergoing training and didn't hesitate to tell him he had 'weak legs'. However, who else could turn front kicks into a rudimentary can-can? Needless to say, Ruda and Gal were only too happy to join in, to the tune of 'Hava Nagila'.

Conan missed the mark when it came to high roundhouse kicks, but showed Gal and Ruda just how they do it in Boston. He did, however, do better with the sword-fighting, though he lost confidence halfway through the training, disappearing and returning in a padded muscle-man suit - the superhero version of Conan, essentially. 

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It seemed to give him a boost when it came to the horseriding anyway, only they couldn't actually bring any horses into the Warner Bros. warehouse. Instead, he did a bit rodeo on a rather sluggish mechanical bull. At least he tried!

'Wonder Woman' is set for release on June 2nd 2017.