Gal Gadot does kickboxing to 'The Matrix' soundtrack to keep fit.

The 30-year-old actress says the high energy combat sport and the music from the sci-fi film - which starred Keanu Reeves - gets her ''crazy'' in the gym and sweating hard.

She explained: ''I like to do kickboxing, and music has a lot of influence. I can literally go crazy boxing whilst listening to 'The Matrix' soundtrack - random I know, but it gets me into the mood!''

Gal - who plays Wonder Woman in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' - is the new face of Gucci's Bamboo fragrance and says the perfume is the ''perfect'' present for those you ''love''.

Asked if the scent makes you feel confident, Gal told Glamour magazine: ''Yes, definitely! It's just good, when it was out in stores, I literally went out and bought all the women in my life a bottle - because I think it's great, and I'll get more during Christmas - I think it's the perfect present for someone you love.''

And Gal has described her mother as her Wonder Woman because she gives her ''inner confidence''.

She said: ''My mum (is my Wonder Woman), she just gave my sister and me really good, strong inner confidence and she gave us the ability to believe in ourselves and aspire to our dreams. She brags about us to all of her friends!''