Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig took salt baths to rejuvenate their aching muscles on the set of 'Wonder Woman 1984'.

The 35-year-old actress - who stars in the lead role in the upcoming superhero movie alongside Wiig's character, villainous Barbara Minerva - admits doing her own stunts left her and her co-star feeling very sore.

She said: "We were both like, 'How tired are you right now?' [And both of us would say], 'Oh I’m so tired, I'm still recovering from yesterday.' Each of us, not together, had so many salt baths, because we were aching."

Despite their physical pain, Gadot loved working alongside Wiig in the hotly anticipated movie.

Speaking on Live! With Kelly and Ryan about her experiences, she added: "Knowing that I don't have to suffer and do all the physical work always makes me feel better ... No, I'm just kidding. Kristen is fun and funny and open and smart, and just like the sweetest person one could every ask to work with. And she’s such a generous partner."

Meanwhile, Gadot previously revealed she is excited for fans to see 'Wonder Woman 1984' over Christmas.

Speaking about the decision to release the film on streaming service HBO Max owing to the coronavirus pandemic, she explained: "Look, if you would have told me a year ago that that's gonna be the case, I would flip out and be super angry. But the truth of the matter is we just didn't have other better options. We felt like we were sitting on this movie for such a long time, we shot the movie in 2018, we started promoting the movie in 2019, we pushed the movie four times. We felt like the movie was so relevant to what's happening in the world right now that you come to a place at a certain time where you're like, 'OK, I just want people to watch the movie'. The idea of having people be able to watch the movie on a Christmas morning just warmed my heart."