As all eyes are on the MTV Movie & TV Awards tonight, those watching will be treated to a first look at an assortment of movies coming out this summer and beyond, with one of the visual feasts looking set to be the final trailer for the upcoming DC Extended Universe flick, 'Wonder Woman'.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot lead the new superhero movieChris Pine and Gal Gadot lead the new superhero movie

Led by Gal Gadot in the titular role alongside Chris Pine as love interest Steve Rogers, with Patty Jenkins in the Director's Chair, the flick will be hoping to end the curse of bad critical reviews that the first trilogy of films ('Man Of Steel', 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' and 'Suicide Squad') received upon their release. With just under a month to go until the movie hits cinemas, a final trailer could drop at any minute, and it looks like it'll be premiered tonight (May 7) at the MTV Awards ceremony.

Warner Bros. Pictures have already added an unlisted video to their YouTube channels on both the 'Wonder Woman' and 'Trailers' playlist, pointing towards an exciting full-length two minutes plus teaser for the movie. Gadot had previously teased a "wonder-ful surprise" at the MTV Awards, so really, the trailer has all but been confirmed.

Audiences will delve into Wonder Woman's origin storyAudiences will delve into Wonder Woman's origin story

Exactly what we may see in the new footage however is still a point of surprise. It would be nice to see the official splitting up of the trailer into three parts to echo what we've been told will make up the film - a look into Wonder Woman's origins, before shifting into a World War I story and finally, the modern-day adventure that could set up 'Justice League' - but we imagine cards are still going to be kept very close to chests.

What would also be smart would be for those behind the trailer to finally give a first glimpse of the movie's central villain Ares, who's been hidden from view so far. Keeping an element of mystery around the film is important for sure, but it's time to see exactly what Diana will be going up against.

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'Wonder Woman' hits movie theatres in the UK and in the US on June 2.

Watch the trailer for Wonder Woman: