As the DC Extended Universe aims to prove it can be a major success not only with those filling out movie theatre seats - but with critics who panned the first three movies of the franchise - will come the release of 'Wonder Woman' a little later this year, starring Gal Gadot in the leading titular role.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman'Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman'

Finally getting her own solo movie, the Amazonian Princess will traverse through three distinct time periods alongside fellow iconic comic book character Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. Patty Jenkins directs the flick, as we first go through an Amazonian origin story for the superhero before moving into the First World War and finally, a modern day adventure that could serve to set up the events that will take place in this year's 'Justice League' film. Split into three wholly-different acts, the movie's sure to tick a lot of boxes for those watching.

Though it's not yet been released, rumours are now flying around as to whether or not this solo film will set itself up for future 'Wonder Woman'-based sequels, but as we've now discovered, that's not something we're going to find out in the near future.

Speaking at WonderCon earlier this week, Head of DC Films Geoff Johns said that he 'could not confirm' whether or not there were plans for a follow-up to this year's release, remaining coy about any details he may have.

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Of course, before we can speculate as to what any sequel may consist of, we'll have to see the events that take place in the upcoming original movie, as well as those that are a part of the DCEU in the near future. With such an incredible back catalogue of material to draw upon however, there are a lot of possibilities.

'Wonder Woman' hits cinemas on June 2, 2017.