Though we've still not seen the final six episodes of 'Game Of Thrones', and won't be doing so until some point in 2019, filming on the series has now come to an end, and so those working behind-the-scenes may be looking to pick up a job on the planned prequel. Now, we have a production start date for the series, which will take place thousands of years before the events we've seen go down in 'GoT'.

Don't expect to see Alfie Allen in the prequel series!Don't expect to see Alfie Allen in the prequel series!

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the prequel goes into production in Belfast this coming October. Members of staff working at the Paint Hall studios in the city's Titanic Quarter have allegedly been briefed that their next project will be the new series, with a source saying: "This is fantastic news for everyone at the studio - from the cast and the crew, right down to the riggers and the catering staff."

Not a lot of details have been given about the prequel, but author George R. R. Martin who created the 'Song of Ice & Fire' novel series on which 'GoT' is based has said he would like it to be called 'The Long Night'.

We'll be seeing a whole new bunch of characters take to the small screen for the show because it is so far in the past, and so those who have never seen an episode of 'GoT' (if those people even exist) will be able to jump right into the action without doing a major catch-up beforehand.

It's going to be interesting however to see if there are any little Easter Eggs embedded within the prequel's episodes for those who have been with the 'Game of Thrones' franchise since the beginning. We're sure those working on the series won't be able to resist popping in some little references to what will come if they get the opportunity.

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'Game of Thrones' concludes with season 8 on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK at some point in 2019.