Game Of Thrones has made stars out of many actors, and one of them is Jack Gleeson. The actor plays King Joffrey, the much-hated boy king, but has gained a very bad view of the industry since landing the role.

Jack GleesonJack Gleeson shows up for 'The Saturday Night Show' in Dublin

In a video posted on Reddit on Wednesday (January 15), Gleeson said he has had to do some self-discovery since rising to fame.

"It was an environment from which I instantly wanted to retreat," he admitted, via the Huffington Post. "I detested the superficial elevation and commodification of it all, juxtaposed with the grotesque self-involvement it would sometimes draw out in me."

The comments were actually made back in November, at a talk he gave to the Oxford Union, but was uploaded to the Internet this week, leading to it being shared all across the web.

Gleeson added that he doesn't understand why celebrities are revered "almost religiously", because "they're just people after all."

"What's ironic is that you see celebrity endorsing things like, you know, musical tampons and appearing in advertisements for lavender scented teeth whitener or something. Wielding goods whose sell-by dates [will] ironically, probably, outlast theirs," Gleeson said. "Having one's image, and effectively life, democratized, dehumanizes and sometimes objectifies it into an entertainment product. What sort of valuation of the ego would one have once you've let it been preyed upon by the public for years and years? Perhaps, it becomes truly just skin and bones."

Gleeson presenting at the Erics AwardsGleeson presenting at the Erics Awards

Gleeson continued to share his thoughts on fame, and added — without naming names — that today's celebs don't know how many people are looking up to them.

"[The] role model does not feel a duty to instantiate, shall we say, suitable values to adopt," Gleeson said.

He added that he hopes to quit acting once Game of Thrones is done, and is planning to do more charity work.