Review of Tell me where it hurts Single by Garbage

Tell me where it hurts
Single Review

Garbage Tell me where it hurts Single

Somewhere a bell tolls whenever a music reviewer makes the joke about a Garbage release sounding rubbish. This is the bell to summon Death on his winged steed to hurry up and claim this soul and put the world out of its misery. Now then. How to describe this without making that particular faux pas?

So it's a new track to go with the best of album? Check. Everyone knows what that means don't they?

What we have on offer here is a vile opus that one can scarcely believe has the hand of the mighty Butch Vig in it anywhere. Imagine Blondie warbling over a (bad) Bond movie theme song, and then drown it in more strings than human ears can bear - yes it's that bad.

So yes, it is utter garbage. Bong!

Richard Edge

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