Garbage are planning to release new songs in early 2013.

The 'Stupid Girl' band put out their last album, 'Not Your Kind of People', earlier this year, but don't want to wait and make a whole record before releasing the tracks they have been working on since then.

Singer Shirley Manson told Rolling Stone magazine: ''The good thing now is we don't even need to think in terms of an album, so we're just thinking in terms of new music.

''Historically, we've worked slow because we've toured so much - we go and spend a year making a record, then we go back out on the road.

''Now we realise we can do two or three tracks, release these tracks and then go on the road.''

Drummer Butch Vig added they have recording sessions planned in ''January, early February,'' next year.

The group - which also includes Duke Erikson and Steve Marker - took a seven year hiatus between 2005's 'Bleed Like Me' and 'Not Your Kind of People', and have been astounded by the reaction to their live shows since they got back together, as well as how their audience has expanded.

Steve added: ''There are our fans that have been with us for four records and now we look down and there are all these kids that are like 15, 16, 17 years old, who were probably not even born when our first record ['Garbage', released 1995] came out.

''They are singing all the lyrics to every song we play, the new album and the older material.''