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Dua Lipa Performs At Spotify Beach On Cannes Lions Day 2

Dua Lipa performed at Spotify Beach on day two of the Cannes Lions festival.The 26-year-old singer put in a pulsating "hot and sweaty" performance at the spectacle in the South of France on Tuesday night...

Denise Richards's Tough Decision To Leave The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Denise Richards says it was a ''really tough decision'' to leave 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'.The reality star - who Brandi Glanville has claimed pursued her - admits it has been a ''very challenging''...

Jamie Foxx Has No Hard Feelings About Beauvais Sex Scene Reveal

Jamie Foxx appears to have forgiven his former co-star Garcelle Beauvais for her big sex scene reveal back in 2012 by showing up at her book launch on Sunday (07Sep14).During a taping of irreverent chat...

Garcelle Beauvais Opens Up About Marriage Split Shock

Actress Garcelle Beauvais enrolled in therapy sessions after discovering her husband cheated on her in a bid to find the "courage" to cope with her divorce.The former Nypd Blue star was left blindsided in 2010...

Garcelle Beauvais: 'Jamie Foxx Couldn't Get Aroused On Set'

Jamie Foxx's reputation as a ladies man is about to take a major hit - his one-time TV lover Garcelle Beauvais has revealed he had problems "getting it up" during their saucy scenes.The sexy actress...

Beauvais-nilon Accuses Husband Of Affair

Actress GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON has left her husband red-faced - by sending an email to his work colleagues accusing him of having an affair.The former NYPD Blue star reportedly told Mike Nilon's friends and associates he...

Beauvais-nilon Can't Reach Family In Haiti

Actress GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON fears the worst for her family in her native Haiti after failing to contact her relatives following the earthquake that rocked the nation on Tuesday (12Jan10).The Wild Wild West star moved to...

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