Gary Barlow has revealed that Elton John laid down the vocals on his new song Face to Face in just ten minutes. The X-Factor judge was left stunned when the legendary singer-songwriter agreed to team up with him for the track on his new solo album Since I Saw You Last and Elton got straight to work.

Elton John Gary BarlowElton John [L] and Gary Barlow [R] Recording to 'Face to Face'

"I called him and said I am going to email you this song. Literally, within an hour he was back saying let's book a studio, let's get in there and do it," Barlow told Guilty Pleasures.

"What was great with him was that I got three hours, which in a diary as busy as Elton's is a lifetime! He did the vocals in about ten minutes. I'm in awe of him, a true legend," he added.

"Some people do those fake recording studio videos but this really was the real thing," said Barlow.

Barlow is on course to take the No.1 spot from his old bandmate Robbie Williams when his album is released on Monday.

"Well we have got a funny situation this year because my album is released a week after his," said the Take That man, "I've written a song on his record and he's written on my record and so it's professional rivalry really and it doesn't go any further than that."

Barlow - who will end his run on The X-Factor after the current season - will play a gig at Westminster's Central Hall on New Year's Eve. It will be televised live on BBC1. 

Elton John Gary Barlow Face to FaceElton John [L] and Gary Barlow [R] Put Together 'Face to Face' in Super Quick Time