Gary Barlow has announced that he's nearly ready to drop his first solo effort in 14 years this November. Bar the Queen's Diamond Jubilee album, Sing, that he released with the Military Wives and the Commonwealth Band, November's will be his first, solo, full-length album since 1999's Twelve Months, Eleven Days.

Gary Barlow
Busy Bee Barlow Has A Surprise For His Fans.

The favourite Take That member of mums nationwide, Barlow made his name in the boyband through their 1990 formation to their 2005 reinvigoration. He has since acted as a judge on the UK singing talent contest The X Factor, alongside Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh where he mentors a contestant category.

Gary Barlow X Factor
Somewhere, In His Tight Schedule, Barlow Found Time To Record An Album.

Whilst Take That's Robbie Williams has found the most success as a solo performer after his 1995 exit, Barlow has always been the primary voice and songwriter behind the band's music so any solo release should be worth a listen of you're into the likes of 'Rule The World' or 'Patience.'

The first to announce his exciting news on Twitter, Barlow tweeted "After 14 long years, I'm proud to announce my new solo album out on November 25th. I'm excited for you to hear it." No tracklisting or album title have been revealed just yet though.

Gary Barlow New Album
Will Gary's New Album Be A Crowd-Pleaser?

The last time Barlow hit a solo No.1 album was in 1997 with his debut effort, open road which topped the chart. The 42 year-old has a lot on his plate at the moment with X Factor judging, philanthropic efforts, new album, and even potentially an imminent Take That album if his X Factor launch statement is to be believed.

Speaking back in August, Barlow revealed that he and the Take That boys were also working on some new material together: "There will be a Take That album next year, I can promise you that," he said, via BBC Newsbeat.