Gary Barlow and his wife have a date night once a week to help keep the Spark alive in their marriage.

The Take That singer and his dancer spouse Dawn - who are currently expecting their fourth child together - love going out for dinner and make sure they treat themselves every week with a meal in a good restaurant.

Gary - who hails from Manchester, North West England - said: ''When my wife and I decided to relocate to London from Cheshire, we made a pact that, regardless of how busy we both were, we'd eat out once a week. Seven years later, we haven't missed a date yet.

''We get to shrug off the constant noise of sharing a house with three children, and even get the chance to finish sentences without being interrupted by a tantrum, fight or a wet nappy.

''These evenings are scared to my wife, me and our marriage. We talk, plan, laugh, gossip, drink and get full. We love to eat out.''

Gary - who has battled with his weight in the past - says eating his is ''true passion'' although he does have to watch what he eats.

He told Style magazine: ''Other than music, eating is my true passion. The proof of this was never bigger than in the period of 2011 to 2006 when I ballooned to a huge 16st 9lb. Despite my endless dieting and calorie counting, I've never lost the hunger for a gorgeous and well-run dining room combined with a beautifully sourced and well-cooked meal.''