Former 'Big Brother' contestant Kenneth Tong has lambasted Take That singer Gary Barlow with disgusting jokes regarding the singer's recent loss. Gary Barlow's baby Poppy was delivered stillborn last week.
The abhorrent internet troll sent more than ten abusive messages to Barlow that are simply too contemptible to repeat, in order to gain recognition from a world more interested in talented individuals. It's possible he felt overshadowed by the Olympians, and the iconic singer's devastating news was just too much to bear for this attention-seeking individual. Tong's Tweets were occasionally interrupted by an appeal to Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whom he is freakishly infatuated with, to have dinner with him and he later insisted that he would stop verbally attacking Barlow if she told him to stop herself. The model was clearly disturbed by Tong's behaviour and promptly blocked him from the social networking site. His other desperate bids for attention came when he realised his comments were provoking angry responses from his followers and the media and he immediately appealed for radio interviews.
Despite the barrage of furious responses, such as 'I never in my life seen such a disgusting case of attention seeking. please never have children' from Professor Green and 'Kenneth Tong shouldn't be allowed to tweet such horrible things. His tweets to Gary Barlow are horrific and disrespectful to the lowest level' from Louis Walsh, the socially-challenged Tong has shamelessly failed to remove any of his vile messages even though he faces arrest should Barlow choose to press charges. This is the second time Tong has sparked outrage in the media having previously set up a pro-anorexia campaign which forced him to leave the country for his own safety. Talking to The Sun, he described Barlow's loss as 'a funny situation' and is convinced that his actions were above the law. He also insists that the chances of Barlow reading his posts are 'next to nothing' - yeah, not when you're directing them right at him, sunshine! He reveals how his own highly intelligent friends have 'turned against' him (good for them!) and stated: 'I proved how easy it is to become a global phenomena in the age of instant media.' Global parasite, more like.