Review of Hybrid Album by Gary Numan

Gary Numan

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Gary Numan - Hybrid Album Reviewed

Gary Numan

Hybrid Album


Jagged Halo Records

Gary Numan releases a new double album, Hybrid, on 3rd of March 2003, following two shows to celebrate 25 years since Tubeway Army's debut single, That's Too Bad. On the 10th February 1978 Gary Numan gave up his job at WH Smith to become a professional musician.

Last year was a hugely successful one for Gary Numan. The Exposure compilation because his 27th top 75 album and a new single Rip reached No 25 after spending four weeks at the top of the Kerrang TV Chart. Sugababes's Freak Like Me, featuring a sample from Are Friends Electric? Reached No 1 on the UK singles chart.

Gary's new album Hybrid features three new songs (Hybrid, Crazier and Ancients) and reworked tracks from across his career, recorded in late 2002. as a starting point for is next studio album, due out in later 2003, Gary worked with his current dream team of favorite artists, producers and DJ's, collaborating on new tracks and encoring the likes of flood (U2, Nick Cave, & Depeche Mode producer), heavy metal act Sulpher and DJ/Dance producer Andy Gravy to experiment with electronic beats, alternative guitars, orchestras and filmic atmospherics. He also turned in some of the best vocal performances of his career. Other contributors include Alan Moulder, Curve,Rico and new rock act New Disease.

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Track listing:

01 Hybrid

02 Dark

03 Crazier

04 Bleed

05 Torn

06 Down In The Park

07 Everyday I Die

08 Absolution

09 Cars

10 Down In The Park

CD 2

01 Ancients

02 Dominion Day

03 A Prayer For The Unborn

04 Me! Disconnect From You

05 Listen To My Voice

06 Rip

07 This Wreckage

08 Are Friends Electric?

09 M.E

Gary is playing at these venues:

Sat 08 Bristol Colston Hall

Sun 09 London Shepherds Bush Empire

"Gary Numan's records have inspired us, but we changed the ecectronic riffs into guitar" "Queens Of The Stoneage"