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Gary Numan
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Gary Numan Jagged Album

Although Gary Numan may be firmly entrenched in most of the nation's minds as the strange chap who sang about Cars, Numan has over the last few years gained a profile as a current, competent artist. His music still lives in a dark electronic world, but now its one that he shares with the likes of Nine Inch Nails et al. Jagged is a slab of eerie sonic malevolence that draws you into the world of dark nightmares that Numan would have you believe is his home.

This is cleverly structured, intelligent music, with a production quality to match. Gary Numan is making music here that easily rivals the Reznors or Mansons of this world for dark textures and introspective anguish – lets hope the nation can shake off any preconceptions that it still has about Numan and let his work gain the airing it deserves.

Richard Edge

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