Pop star Gary Numan has vowed to be more "cautious" about his musings on Twitter.com after finding his posts picked up by media around the world.
The singer regularly gives fans a glimpse into his day-to-day activities with his messages, which have included details about his home life and his wife Gemma's recent facelift.
Just last month (Jul12) Numan revealed he lost his wedding ring when he was trying his hand at animal husbandry on a farm - but the star is planning to cut back on the amount of information he shares with followers.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I've only just got into Twitter and I had no idea people would read it. I was just saying what happened, but it ended up all over the papers!
"So I'm trying to be more cautious. It seems no matter what you say and how politically correct and carefully you say it, you offend someone. Or at least I always do."