Gary Numan thinks he's "ridiculously optimistic".

The 63-year-old music star believes he's generally inclined to take an optimistic approach to life, even though he knows the world is a "really dangerous place".

He explained: "I tend to be ridiculously optimistic. If you put a gun to my head, I'd think, 'Nah, you don't have any bullets in that'. But the truth is the planet is a really dangerous place."

Despite this, Gary has taken some encouragement from Joe Biden replacing Donald Trump in the White House.

The award-winning star - who is considered to be a pioneer of electronic music - is particularly pleased by Biden's approach towards environmental issues.

He told Classic Pop magazine: "He's a good man, who's put really good people around him in his team. Whereas Trump was a terrible man, who put even worse people around him."

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Gary claimed he only got paid £37 for a million streams of one of his songs.

The musician hit out at the streaming services, suggesting they are short-changing the artists for their hard work.

He said: "The solution’s simple. The streaming companies should pay more money. They’re getting it for nothing.

"I had a statement a while back and one of my songs had had over a million plays, million streams, and it was £37. I got £37 from a million streams."

The 'Metal' hitmaker insisted it's impossible to live off streaming, as he recalled once spending half an hour printing a statement that totalled just £112.

He continued: “I printed out, I think it was about a year ago, a statement - my streaming statement came in and I didn’t look at it, I just put it to print, and I looked over about half an hour later, it was still printing.

“It was hundreds and hundreds of pages. And the end of it was, like, £112. It was barely worth the [paper] it was printed on, and it took nearly half an hour to print. You know, it’s so much stuff, so much streaming, and there’s absolutely nothing in it.”