Gary Numan's former keyboard player will be playing the rocker's songs once again after joining a tribute group.

Adrian Crickmer, also known as Ade Orange, performed in the electro-pop pioneer's band for 22 years before he quit in 2006 to opened his own pub in Surrey, England.

He will now perform onstage with a tribute act called Nuway Army after the musicians came into his bar and asked for a gig, without realising the landlord's connection to their hero.

Crickmer says, "We got talking and decided it might be fun for me to guest on keyboards when they played there (at my pub). That's exactly what's happening... We are thinking about going on a mini-tour. Nuway tell me they like cranking out the old tunes, so it will be a blast from the past."

The gig at the pub in March (13) has already sold out.