A Thrilling Look Into The Futuristic 'Robocop' World

The trailer gives us an even closer sneak preview into the futuristic world of Robocop that seems far more likely in today's world than it did in 1987. We hear Alex's metallic, robo-tinged voice and a shiver of excitement runs down our spine as we picture a cyborg crime-fighting fest like no other.

Joel Kinnaman Abbie Cornish
Will Alex Forget That He Is Still A Husband & A Father.

The film's crew have done a stunning job of not only recreating Robocop's bulky suit of armour, they've also pimped it up to impress a new generation of kids who are used to the multi-purpose flashiness of Iron Man-type outfits.

Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson Plays Pat Novak, A Charismatic & Influential Media Mogul.