Gavin Rossdale has compared performing on stage with an acoustic guitar and fronting a band to ''slow torture''.

The Bush frontman's alternative rock group are releasing a record inspired by heavy metal, 'The Kingdom', and the musician has admitted that the idea of a live show without playing full throttle rock would be hell for him.

He told ''To play acoustic guitar and front a band is my idea of slow torture.''

The 'Little Things' rocker has enjoyed challenging himself to ''find melody when you're using heavier riffs and heavier cycles''.

On what has inspired him lately, he added: ''What I get turned on by at the moment, especially after all this live work, is seeing the power of cyclical things.

''I grew up loving Neil Young, The Beatles, and the beginning of punk, and it's an interesting challenge for me to find melody when you're using heavier riffs and heavier cycles.

''It's about finding a way through - often you're on one chord, so you've got to work to find the melody. But somehow you unlock things.''

Gavin, 54, added that the album isn't ''heavy metal'', but simply ''heavy'', and he felt it was important to retain certain elements of Bush on the project.

He continued: ''Even though it's heavy, it's not heavy metal.

''You have to have your own sound.''

And the 'Glycerine' star insisted that he loves to start on the bass because it gives the music a ''more dangerous'' edge.

And even though he loves thrash metal band Slayer, he admitted he'll always be drawn to Massive Attack more.

He explained: ''It just feels more London, more dangerous, more dancehall, even though you're in a completely rock environment.

''You put all these weird memories and influences together and that's what you get.

''I love Massive Attack more than I love Slayer. I can't help it.

''There's always that push and pull of trying to get some of my roots in there.''