Gay For Johnny Depp frontman injures himself on stage. Again.
Spare a thought this week for Gay For Johnny Depp frontman Marty Leopard who has shattered his foot during the band's first hometown show of 2006. Leopard, single white male, bi-curious, broke his heel after a brave and foolish leap from a table in Brooklyn's cruising joint/venue Galapagos whilst wearing only his underwear. Also playing on the bill were a bunch of bands no-one can remember.
"We were pretty drunk for most of the show so have no memory of what happened," said band spokesman/guitarist Sid Jagger. "Sorry. I do remember that there was a cross dresser as master of ceremonies though."

Gay For Johnny Depp

Leopard is currently hobbling around Brooklyn with the aid of cane due to a lack of medical insurance for treatment.
Followers of the hot homocore quartet may recall that Jagger – who also currently sings with two other bands, Instruction and Fires – was hospitalised in Exeter after another nudity-based fracas with a fan on the first night of the band's first UK tour in late 2005.

Gay For Johnny Depp are currently working on their full-length.
They're also recording an album, due for release late 2006.

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