Review of The Politics of Cruelty Album by Gay For Johnny Depp

Gay For Johnny Depp
The Politics of Cruelty
Album Review

Gay For Johnny Depp The Politics of Cruelty Album

A joyous, spasmodic outburst of frenzy, 'The Politics of Cruelty' is the first full-length release from Gay For Johnny Depp.

Whether you want to label it screamo or spazzcore or whatever else, this is certainly not easy listening, but GFJD strangely manage to combine discordant riffage, battering drums and often screamed vocals into a very listenable package that ultimately belies it's component parts.

Many of the songs are so short that by the time you've managed to wrap your head around the shifting tempos and signatures you're on to the next track. The shortness actually contributes to an overall album length of around 21 minutes, and that's for 12 tracks!

What the album lacks in overall quantity is made up in terms of quality though. Anyone with a penchant for the more eclectic end of the hardcore spectrum could do a lot worse than picking up The Politics of Cruelty.

Richard Edge

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