Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis refuses to look at her first three marriages as failures, because she learned so much from the broken unions. The THELMA + LOUISE star, who is currently married to her fourth husband, Iranian-American DOCTOR REZA JARRAHY, admits her longing for a committed relationship created a string of divorces. She says, "I clearly craved that commitment and arrangement. I kept trying, and wasn't going to give up. I wanted it to work. "It's just so funny now. 'You were married four times?' But I guess I did that. "If I didn't learn something, it would just be a tragedy to keep trying without having got somewhere. "Was it EINSTEIN who said that to keep on doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is the definition of insanity?" And the 50-year-old is convinced she has finally found the recipe for success, "I guess I didn't do the same thing. I had to change. A lot. "Who am I to give advice? But you can't hope to change your life by marrying someone that is different - 'I'll look for a different type and then I'll have a different life'. It is much harder than that. You have to change yourself. And it is very hard." Davis was previously married to RICHARD EMMOLO (MAR82-FEB83), Jeff Goldblum (NOV87-OCT90) and Renny Harlin (SEP93-JUN98).