Geena Davis is the latest star to voice her disapproval of Oscars host Seth Macfarlane's controversial We Saw Your Boobs song which he performed onstage at the awards show.

The Family Guy creator took charge of the ceremony on 24 February (13), but divided audiences with the cheeky song-and-dance number about actresses who have bared their breasts on film.

Davis spoke out to denounce MACFarlane's song at a meeting of the California State Assembly members in Sacramento on Monday (04Mar13), where she was honoured for her commitment to female empowerment.

She said, "It's a shame that that triumph was enveloped in an awards ceremony containing disrespect for women. But it helps illustrate how tone-deaf we can still be regarding the status of women."

Davis was last year (12) appointed to chair the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, which aims to address gender equality.

Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis were among the Hollywood stars who were upset by MACFarlane's humour, while Halle Berry, who was name-checked in the boobs song, admitted she "thoroughly enjoyed the show".