Geena Davis used advice Dustin Hoffman gave her on the set of her first film Tootsie to avoid upsetting an amorous Jack Nicholson.

The actress struck up a friendship with Hoffman and soaked up all the acting tips he gave her as she transitioned from work as a Victoria's Secret model to the big screen - and there was one life lesson she found particularly useful.

Davis explains, "He said, 'Your co-stars are gonna hit on you and you should not to sleep with your co-stars, it's not a good idea... So here's what to say: When they hit on you say, 'I would love to... but I'm afraid it would ruin the sexual tension between us'."

The Thelma & Louise star had to use Hoffman's advice after a series of odd dates with Nicholson, which she thought were purely professional.

She recalls, "My agent happened to know Jack Nicholson really well... so every night we ended up having dinner with Jack Nicholson.

"We come home one day and there's a message: 'Geena Davis, call Jack Nicholson...' He said, 'Hey Geena, so when's it gonna happen...?' I said, 'Mr. Nicholson, I'm afraid you have the wrong idea'. (He said), 'Come on, I'll send a car, come on over'.

"I said, 'Well Mr. Nicholson, I have every hope that... some day we will work together and I would hate to have ruined the sexual tension between us'. He said, 'Oh my God, where did you get that?'"