Gemma Arterton thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is "fit".

The British beauty - who stars alongside the handsome actor in upcoming adventure movie 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' - admits she was attracted to her co-star, but not as much as her fiance.

Gemma said: "Jake was a very, very funny guy. He's really nice. He's quite serious when it comes to his work. He works hard and he is a perfectionist. But he likes to make jokes and he's fun. He's funny. And he is fit, of course.

"But I'm engaged. Contrary to popular belief he's not a stuntman. Everyone thinks he is but he's not. He is a bounty hunter. I can't tell you. He may work for the secret services!"

Speaking about her secret fiance - who was rumoured to be stuntman Ben Cooke - Gemma says she won't get a pre-nuptial agreement.

She said in an interview with British station Radio 1: "The other day I was out in a bar and a lawyer came up to me and said, 'Are you engaged?' And I said, 'Yeah', and he said, 'I do good pre-nups.' What about trusting people?"