Gemma Atkinson and Jason 'J' Brown endured a frightening encounter with a host of unsavoury jungle residents on the new series of I'm a celebrity...

The former Hollyoaks actress and the ex-boyband member were face to face with cockroaches, ants, meal worms and eel slime during the Terror Train and the Temple of Doom Bushtucker Trial, but endured the unpleasant Antipodean visitors to earn three meals for the camp.

Presenter Ant Mcpartlin told the pair that six stars were fixed inside the Temple of Doom, into which they would travel.

"You've got to go in search of them," he explained. "Sit in the cart and then the cart with move through. It will stop four times - when it stops, the star will fall from the ceiling along with some other jungle nastiness," said Ant.

"You have 30 seconds to secure your star before the cart moves again. This happens four times and the final two you find at the end, they're not going to drop, they will be hanging there so feel around for them."

Before the trial began, 'J' reassured Gemma, saying: "When it happens don't think about it, just grab the stars.

"It's going to be nasty - there are going to be things crawling all over us Gemma, are you ready?" he asked.

A bucket of eel slime soon cascaded over Gemma, before a cockroach shower left her screaming: "It's down my top, it's eating me, aaagh! It's nipping my back, the b**tard."

While 'J' was unable to find the star protected by a nest of green ants, Gemma ignored a shower of meal worms to grab a third star, securing a third meal for the contestants.

Back at the camp the contestants joked about a Cerys Matthews-Marc Bannerman wedding, and Janice Dickinson, Anna Ryder Richardson and Christopher Biggins all received special messages from their loved ones.

27/11/2007 10:06:31