Gemma Chan says her everyday style is “low-key and quite laid back” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Eternals’ star admitted she got used to comfy clothes during lockdown last year and she's maintained that "vibe" when she's not working.

She told "My day-to-day style hasn't changed that much. I'm fairly low-key and quite laidback, particularly now having been in tracksuits with comfortable elasticated waists for over a year. I'm very much still in that vibe when I'm in my downtime.”

However, the ‘Humans’ star admits to be “lucky” to get to be more daring while at star-studded events with both “established” and “emerging” designers, ranging from Oscar De La Renta and Zuhair Murad to Miss Sohee and Casablanca.

She added: "But, I've been lucky enough to be able to take more risks on the red carpet and go for a bit more drama, and be a bit more playful. I'm also more intentional with what I'm wearing. One of the first tours that we did was the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ tour, where we wanted to put a spotlight on Asian talent in the fashion industry. That gave us a framework and then from there we pushed ourselves to not look only to established brands and designers but also emerging designers."

The ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ star has a stylist, Rebecca Corbin Murray, but she likes to give her own input into her looks too.

She said: “It's a collaboration. Rebecca has incredible taste and we usually are thinking along the same lines. We'll message back and forth with ideas which might be things I've seen on red carpets, at the shows, having a look online, or a film that I might have watched. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

"For the Zuhair Murad look at the London premiere, my brief to Rebecca was: 'I want a cosmic Red Riding Hood kind of vibe.' And she came back with that which was spot on."