Gemma Collins has announced a new beauty line.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star will be unveiling her new project, which will include her own range of lipsticks and lip glosses.

She wrote on Instagram: ''I am SO EXCITED to tell you that after lots of hard work ..... and so many people always asking me about my lipsticks and glosses that I now have my own range that will be launching very soon ...... I'm so excited ... #animalcrueltyfreemakeup (sic)''

Gemma already has her own beauty website, where she sells her Diva Pink by Gemma Collins Eau de Parfum.

The website reads: ''A sensual fragrance with luxury oud and diva undertones. All the ingredients for those perfect diva moments. My unisex fragrance is 100 per cent cruelty free.''

Gemma had previously revealed the £20 perfume was her secret to being super ''confident'', as she insisted the product was directly comparable to the perfumes she buys that cost over £250.

Speaking about the perfume at its launch, she added: ''I'm often asked about my confidence, and smelling good is a big part of my confidence. Every morning the ritual of spraying my Diva Pink helps transforms me into The GC. It's as good as fragrances I've paid £250 for. I wondered if it was possible to create a more affordable oud perfumes but keep the quality ... We managed to bring the high quality by skipping the middle man and saving on the big marketing budgets you get on other fragrances.''