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Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes Happy Sad Single

Happy Sad
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Admission time. I once had a friend who went to see pinapple headed, yankee-doodle bore popsters Counting Crows- and I still speak to her. Only because of her (forced) admission that Gemma Hayes support slot had been the evening's highlight though. Finding her Mercury nominated debut album 'Night On My Side' for a fiver over the summer proved a season highlight (that and the rebirth of Russian fashion baby!) so I was overly giddy when I heard of her return. And ooooh its lovely, with four Os too, count them. If you haven't heard her, imagine if the Corrs stopped playing to the Blarney stone massive and went legit...and stopped singing like Celine Dion goes Oirish. Okay you're halfway there, just a bit more woosy. Yep, lavender oil, we're on a wavelength here. It's all a bit whimsy, but God I love whimsy.
John McGee

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