Gene Hackman knew the homeless man that he slapped on a downtown Santa Fe street this week, according to The New Mexican newspaper. Police reports provide more detail on the incident, which doesn't appear to be as straight forward as first thought.

Hackman has provided the homeless man, Bruce Becker, 63, with clothes, money and rides for a number of years though their relationship turned sour in a matter of moments this week. The actor and his wife were walking on Marcy Street near Washington Avenue when Becker approached him. After refusing to provide more help, Hackman told the homeless man to "get a job." Suddenly, Becker became angry and called Hackman's wife a vulgar name, which is when the French Connection star struck him in the side of the head. Becker told police that he - quite cleverly - responded, "Gene, you are just another Clint Eastwood, you are nothing but an empty chair."

Hackman has a small cut on his hand, while there were no visible injuries on Becker. Neither was charged with a crime.  The actor, now 82, last appeared in the underwhelming comedy 'Welcome to Mooseport' with Ray Romano.