BEN AFFLECK surprised his new movie dad George Carlin by bursting in on a taped interview with the comedian to thank him for playing his father.

Affleck was rehearsing for his stint on American TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE in New York last week (ends12MAR04) when he heard Carlin was taping an interview with late night chat show host Carson Daly on an adjoining set.

So, unannounced, Affleck wandered on in the middle of the interview to embrace his Jersey Girl co-star, cooing about his performance in the new movie.

On the show, which aired in America on Thursday night (18MAR04), Affleck said, "He's so wonderful in the movie. It was an honour and a pleasure. He's the king."

Affleck also revealed that the controversial comic is also a master crossword puzzle solver.

He added, "I was always trying to puzzle my way through the crosswords and I learned I had to wait until the end of the day when I really wanted to give up to say, 'Alright George, 15 letter word for obstreperous,' and he'd instantly have the answer."

22/03/2004 01:50