Comedian George Carlin felt "unworthy" during his recent stint in rehab, because his booze and drugs problems were nothing compared to the addictions of those in counselling with him.

The JERSEY GIRL star checked into rehab at Christmas (04) in a bid to check his addiction to alcohol and prescription pills, and he admits it really was a sobering experience.

He explains, "Some of the guys in there were taking 50 Vikes (Vicodin) a day and burning down their houses and backing into police vans and s**t. I felt almost unworthy.

"(But) I definitely suffered the affliction every addict suffers - I just couldn't stop. The addiction had more power than I did.

"Plus, for me, there were just too many requirements: finding the drink, counting out the f**king pills to see how many days were left before the prescription ran out."

Carlin, 69, insists he's got his addiction, which at it's height included a bottle-and-a-half of wine and four or five Vicodin a day, in check and insists sobriety isn't a struggle for him.

He adds, "I don't have a yen and I don't have an urge (for alcohol or drugs). Intellectually, if I'm in the supermarket and I pass the wine section, I say, 'Oh yeah, remember when you used to do that?' and I keep moving."