Funk icon George Clinton will be able to bury his late mother in style after receiving financial help from his new management team.
The legendary musician, 68, has been struggling to find the funds needed to pay for a lavish funeral for his beloved mum, Julious G. Keaton, following her death in North Carolina earlier this month (Dec09).
But Clinton can now breathe a sigh of relief after signing a new deal with bosses at Exclusive Solutions Management (ESM), who have promised to advance him the cash he needs for his mother's send-off.
A statement from ESM reads, "At a time when he should be able to live off his life's work, Clinton is struggling to provide for his family and give his mother a proper burial."
The star, who filed for bankruptcy in 1984, is still struggling to meet his needs after years of mismanagement in the music industry.
Clinton is currently battling his former business partners and managers, Armen Boladian and Nene Montes, over allegations they forged his signature on documents, which signed off all the rights to his back catalogue of hits, including Flashlight, One Nation Under a Groove and Atomic Dog.
But ESM executives have vowed to fight for Clinton so he can regain legal ownership of his archives.
The statement continues, "There were several documents that appear to have George's signature on them, which turns most of his publishing and masters over to Boladian and Montes, which caused Clinton to lose all rights and financial gain to all of his songs.
"Clinton asserts that he would not be so careless as to sign over complete rights to his music for a lifetime."