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13 million dollars? Really??? With all the American's that lost their homes and jobs and everything they ever worked for in their life. You brag about these two people spending 13 million on a wedding. That is just stupid. Put your money to better use, spending all this money wont make you love each other anymore. You most likely end up like most of the couples in Hollywood, just 13 million dollar poorer. Our Government could use 13 Million dollars to help pay down the national debt. You even have the nerve to spend your 13 million in another country. Shame shame on both of you.

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by Joyce Thompson

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Watch out George C. She is the one who is going to get you to the alter.She's a wower, classy, and smart, and you look good together.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Deanxx

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Can you stop using Johnny Depp's photos when you write about George Clooney?

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by annegc1

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I love George Clooney's movie's. So far I've seen him in Oceanstwelve and Batman and Robin. Also Batman and Robin Return. I pretend in my room I'm dating him and then I get marrried to him. It's hard to get out of your head once you start. I wish I could date him, but I'm 11 about to turn 12 in June. I wonder if he has a wife. Also I wonder how old he is. Bye!

Posted 16 years 3 months ago by barbie122

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George Clooney should be deported. He is everything that is wrong with America. All you 'lovers' of George - did you know he made jokes about Charlton Heston having Alzheimer's ? What a lowlife. He is clueless about Islam, and clueless about terrorism. He is a typical self-absorbed pacificist uneducated punk liberal - and all of you who follow him are suckers - cause everything he does is for his own self promotion and to draw you morons in to be his fans - and make him $$$. He is an embarassment to America - he should become a citizen of France. All you losers who care what minute he was born 'Yippppee - I was born in May too - I must be special !!!' 'Wow - Clooney likes macaroni -just like me' 'Wow - did you hear Clooney has 2 feet - like just like me !!! Wow - I must be just as cool as he is !!! - you are all complete no-life - brain dead - worthless people - and I am sure you will all vote for Obama too. You are also what is wrong the country - just like Clooney-the-Looney. The country took alot of strength, courage, and FIGHTING WITH BLOOD THRU WAR - so all you pacifists who think it can be maintained with no bloodshed are simply looney. Go pick daisy's with Clooney - oh yeah, I forgot, he thinks you all are LOSER's too - and only wants your $$$ at the movie theater... Duh.

Posted 16 years 3 months ago by the-omega-man

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I have been a huge George Clooney fan for years and have been trying to contact him for 2 years about an anti-aging therapy that I've been using for six months that is very real and would like for him to investigate for himself. I know it is selfish of me, but I want George to stay the best looking man on this planet for many more years so I can go look at him. If anyone knows how I can possibly contact George please let me know for his benefit and mine, as well as the millions of his fans worldwide.Sherry

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by feistylady

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Stimata doamna, santem bucurosi , sa aflam despre problemele dumneavoastra acum .Am dori sa ne povestiti mai in detaliu cand au inceput aceste pr. cu fam. regala olandeza . Ce anume v au facut?! si sper sa ne ajutati amanuntit sa le putem rezolva .Avem o mica pr. : am luat legatura cu autoritatile romane, care ne au comfirmat ca identitatea dumneavoastra ar mai fi folosita de o alta persoana ......??? in speta UN BARBAT.....?? nume : DUMITRESCU DAN De fapt autoritatile olandeze ne au comfirmat ca santeti femeie si de aici .... incurcatura noastra.!va rog sa ne lamuriti care santeti ? sau cumva ... tot autoritatile au creat voit aceasta incurcatura?? Asteptam raspuns , scrieti fara prescurtari ,si astept sa colaborati cu noi.

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by FBI - Sectia Romana

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hi Mr ClooneyHow much time does one get the chance to spend at your lovely villa in Lake Como. Been there and it is so nice. I wonder if you get fan mail at your villa. Read an article on you and how the locals in Lake Como have taken to you. That must be wonderful for you. I think the work you do for charity is great mate. Keep up the good work. Sent you a little quiz to answer by post to your home in Lake Como. Apart from Oceans 13 does anyone know which other film you are releasing. God bless.

Posted 17 years 5 months ago by looney9

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George is one of the hottest men in Hollywood, Me, I don't really care about that, I care about the man himself, The nice and caring part of him, I know most women don't care about that as long as he is hot and sexy, he is but there is more to him than just his Hollywood looks, I believe there is a sweet, shy, caring person inside that hates all that attention he's getting from everyone, treat him like you would treat any other man out there. He would like that more then a Hollywood Hunk of the Year, Get to know him first, and don't pass judgement on him or anyone! yeah, sure he's all that and more, but get to know the real George Clooney. "Will the real George Clooney, please stand up?!" Just keep in mind that he's only human, and not a God. But a good man at heart, really I don't listen to the Press much, I only go by what the person would say about himself or herself, not so much on what the Press say. not unless he gives them the permission to print on what he say. Keep in mind he's just like the rest of us, most all Celebrities are! Anyway in my case:He's hot,handsome,cute, with a good heart to boot, still too bad I can't get to meet this young man? because I really like him, Oh, well, it's nice to dream about him. Take care and God bless.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Lover of Peace

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George Clooney for President, now that would be cool, if he choose too, But that would be dangerous, Then you have to worry about your life and reputation by others, But I can't blame him. Always remember:With power comes great responsiblities.[a wise person once said this to his love one] I like George the way that he is, the actor,producer and more. Whom cares about his past, I care about his future, not his past. So, take care, and God bless.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Lover of Peace

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I am reading the birth info on George Clooney. Does anyone know from what source his birth time is taken from to prove authenticity? I am an astrologer and want to confirm that his birth time is accurate so my readings/predictions will be more accurate. Thanks. I have done readings on lots of stars.

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by astrologylady

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Hello,My name Irina, I am a lawyer from Latvia. I meet with George Cloony and his friend Giovanni in New York (hotel "W")in March 2006.Please, send him this e-mail and say that I can't forgot our meeting and wait call from George Clooney and Giovanni. They are know my phone number.Thanks,Irina

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by irina

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boycott oceans 13 and more. george and all take us for fools to see them have a personal c**ktail party on the screen. forget it george.

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by go2know

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George is JUST three days older than I am!!! GREAT people were born in MAY!!! George was the BEST 'Batman'. I know...that was a long time ago...but I just can't let it go!! hahaha! Go George!!

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by justlittleoleme

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hey cmark!what have you done to make people aware lately?! unfortunetly there are too many people who have all kinds of things to say but do absolutely nothing!!

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by drgnfly4lw

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Posted 18 years 5 months ago by clooneystudio

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Just because something looks good does it make it so? It seems many people find George Clooney to be very handsome. Unfortunately, Mr. Clooney has used his appearance and his power as an actor and director to suggest a political philosophy which makes no sense. He is under the delusion that if we understand the "why" and "how" our enemies developed such distain for the U.S. we could all just come together and forget our problems. This argument is flawed because some people (the terrorists) will not compromise and certainly do not care about how the U.S. became what it is. They just hate us! Maybe they see the filth that is pumped out of Hollywood and say to themselves, "I do not want my daughter to act like the girls I see on MTV and my son will not grow up to be a rapper; God willing!" So they see us as infadels. Of course, they hate Isreal and Jews and anyone who allies with them; again the U.S. is targeted. But, Mr. Clooney has grown up in a dream world of the over-privelaged american landscape. Thus, he comes up with some bizaare political ideas towards the war on terror. He does not understand that many people are not rational or reasonable and will only understand force. Maybe George needs to go back to college and take a few History courses before mouthing off to the public and making anti-american movies.

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by cmark

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well,i was so sad that i couldn't find iraq in the list of regiseration...i hope that you put it on,because you don't know who much fans you have over here...cause you're the best...merry christmas and happy new year,wishing you all the oscars...and the best in everything...

Posted 18 years 6 months ago by layla1

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Hi I would to know if the birth hour is correct because I have little different.You can enter at Data Section by David Fisher looking for George Clooney and the hour is 2:58 EST (summer time)I am an amateur astrologer and I would like to know the right hour.Thank youNora(sorry my bad english)

Posted 18 years 7 months ago by nora

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George Clooney is one of the most talented actors/directors/producers/writers and also and incredibly nice human being!

Posted 18 years 12 months ago by DixieLee

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