Just what were Clooney and Crawford doing in bed together?

Not what you might be thinking, luckily for their respective partners. George Clooney and Cindy Crawford were in fact filming an advert together for a new brand of Tequila, called Casamigos. George Clooney’s squeeze Stacey Kiebler was in on the act too, though, as was Crawford’s fella Rande Gerber – who just so happens to be one of George’s best mates.

Yahoo’s OMG Insider got the scoop on the ad, and aired a clip which shows the Ocean’s Eleven actor in bed with one of the world’s most famous supermodels. Rande Gerber walks in on his wife in with Clooney and asks “what’s going on?” as Cindy pulls the bed sheets up over her head, to hide her shame. Clooney told OMG Insider that he and Rande have been “BFFs for about 20 years… those guys like to have a good time, they like to party, so they decided one night that they needed their own house tequila.” Apparently the advert was “loosely based” on real events; we’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall at Clooney’s house whenever THAT happened, whatever it was, exactly.

Clooney though, hasn’t just moved into the drinks industry for personal gain though, but told OMG Insider that with the money he makes from this, he can “put a satellite over Darfur,” where Clooney has been involved with humanitarian work for some time. 

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