George Clooney and Amal Clooney are at loggerheads with their neighbours once more, this time over plans to install a brand new security system on their multi-million pound Berkshire property. Neighbours are up in arms over the proposals, which include eight cameras to be installed on poles just outside the boundaries of their property.

According to local newspaper The Henley Standard, the Clooneys are looking to bolster security at their £10 million dream mansion near the village of Sonning Eye that they purchased back in October 2014, which they are still in the process of renovating. The plans for mounted cameras face opposition from residents who are complaining that they will be an eyesore and intrude on their privacy.

George Clooney Amal ClooneyGeorge and Amal Clooney

One complaint from the Eye and Dunsden Parish Council reportedly stated: “A more appropriate security system could be achieved by a greater number of inward-facing, low-level cameras.” It also claimed that the “visual intrusions” might constitute “represents a potential infringement of the privacy of neighbouring properties.”

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When fully installed, the complex security system will include a total of 18 CCTV cameras, the other 10 of which will be on the grounds of or on the property itself. Each of the eight cameras will be mounted on poles between four and six metres, housed in a vandal-proof dome, and able to rotate through a full 360 degree field of vision.

The Clooneys, who have been spending the summer at another of their luxurious properties near Lake Como in Italy, have not commented on this latest story. But it seems that when they do finally move in, they might not be entirely welcome in the village, with half the residents reportedly unhappy with the disruptions that they’ve already brought.

Last month, The Sun reported a disgruntled resident who claimed that many were unhappy about the noise that the renovation work was making pretty much around the clock, describing George as "the worst neighbour you could have".

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