He may soon have to relinquish his title of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, but George Clooney will always be the king of the pranksters. Clooney’s pranks are legendary in Hollywood and many famous faces have fallen victim to his more mischievous side. We've complied a list of our 10 favourite Clooney prank stories as a little reminder for everyone to watch their backs when George is around.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney, prankster

1. Who knows when Clooney played his first prank, but he certainly started young. His first prank on record happened when he was an employee of a Kentucky shoe store. A former co-worker once told the Kentucky Monthly Magazine that young George would draw a smiley face and put his initials on every pair of shoes he sold.

2. Little known fact, Steven Spielberg was one of the producers on 'ER', but he didn't have much to do with the show’s day to day running. What he did like to do was send the cast Christmas gifts. Clooney and Noah Wyle learnt that Spielberg had given the cast of Always Mazda Miatas as a wrap gift year earlier. When the actors received cell phones from Steven as their Christmas gift, Clooney convinced Wyle that they should write thank-you notes that read, "Dear Steven, Thank you for the Miata cell phone." So, Wyle did. Clooney, however, did not and Spielberg never sent Wyle a Christmas gift again.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney's practical jokes happen on set and off.

3. Clooney’s friend, producer Jerry Weintraub, has been the victim of many famous Clooney pranks. On one occasion Clooney decided to steal Weintraub’s favourite gold silk shirt, which the actor hated. Once Clooney had the shirt he drew a giant penis on it and got everyone participating at a charity golf tournament to sign it. Clooney then returned the now defaced shirt to Weintraub as a birthday gift. Weintraub got his revenge on Clooney when he stormed into his office swinging a golf club, Clooney knew his friend was just joking, but when the head of the club flew off and nearly hit George, they both realised they'd perhaps gone too far.

4. Another time Weintraub fell victim to Clooney was on a flight to LA when the actor and pal Brad Pitt challenged Weintraub to a vodka-drinking contest. The catch was, Clooney and Pitt, were drinking water and when Weintraub passed out, they filled his underwear with M&Ms.

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5. While directing Ryan Gosling in Ides of March, Clooney would slowly spray the actor’s crotch with a water bottle when giving him instructions.