With just a few days left in Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency, some of Hollywood’s greatest are getting wistful about the prospect of him bowing out to make way for the divisive Donald Trump.

One such star is George Clooney, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in London at a special screening of Netflix’s Syrian civil war documentary The White Helmets on Monday night (January 9th). The actor, known to be frequently politically engaged, shared his thoughts on the most memorable moment in Obama’s two terms as president.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney with wife Amal at Cannes in 2016

“The idea that the president of the United States can show up in South Carolina after nine people in a church had been shot and sing 'Amazing Grace' – and the way he sang 'Amazing Grace' – was one of the most moving things I've ever seen in my life,” referring to Obama's response to the deadly Charleston church shooting in 2015.

“I couldn't imagine any other president in our history doing that,” he continued. “He moved us in a way, and those family members moved us by not retaliating and keeping the city calm. It was such a moving moment that I'll always remember.”

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About the incoming Donald Trump, who is to be officially inaugurated on January 20th, the 55 year old actor sounded a rather downbeat but optimistic note.

“We have to hope that he can do a decent job, because when the President of the United States fails, really terrible things happen,” Clooney told reporters, adding that Americans had gotten “unlucky” with Trump as their president-elect.

Finally, he defended his fellow star Meryl Streep after her acceptance speech at the weekend’s Golden Globes saw her criticise Trump. In response to many reactions that said celebrities shouldn’t get involved in politics, Clooney said: “I support her right forever”.

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