When George Clooney took all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to a small sandwich café in Edinburgh that feeds the homeless he also took a big wad of money with him. The 54-year-old actor drew crowds larger than the project Social Bite had ever seen but also aimed to do some good by making the appearance and left about $1,000 to help make a difference to those who need it.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney was predictably mobbed when he visited Edinburgh this week

Social Bite employs and feeds the homeless and Clooney’s donation - and the publicity that came with his visit - should go a long way in helping all those attached to the scheme.

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The movie star and director also handed over a five pound note in order to sample a platter of sandwiches and a coffee himself.

The café allows customers to buy hot drinks or food for a homeless person - an idea Clooney praised as "fantastic".

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Of the project, the husband of international lawyer Amal Clooney said: "I like what they’re doing, I think it’s a very important cause.

"I think the idea that we can all participate in everyone’s difficulties is really important."

Clooney’s next stop may not have pleased his wife as much as his first when he took a 32-year-old wedding planner on a date after she won a lunch with the actor via a competition.