George Clooney may be going into politics full time, according to numerous sources. The 53-year-old actor could be running for Governor of California and following in the footsteps of actors such as Arnold Schwarzengger and Ronald Reagan who also held the position.

George Clooney
George Clooney may be running for Governor of California.

According to the Mirror, Clooney is being considered by the Democrat party for the 2018 governorship race. Clooney is political active and has been involved in numerous campaigns for human rights in Syria and Sudan. Sources speaking to the paper said Clooney's support.

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The importance of the Governorship of California cannot be underestimated owing to its prominence as a mostly Democrat state, especially as Hollywood tends to chime in to lend their support. A sources, also speaking to the tabloid said, California "has always been a huge stronghold for the party and one that has a proven record for getting politicians in to the Oval office."

Clooney can even boast President Barack Obama as a friend as he supported the president elect in the 2012 election race. Clooney and fiancé Amal Alamuddin were recently invited to the White House as guests of the president for a screening of Monuments Men which Clooney stars in. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Amal Alamuddin joined Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Summit to End Sexual Violence last week.

Clooney's fiancé is heavily involved in international politics owing to her job as a Criminal Barrister. The 36-year-old famously defended Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange. She was recently spotted alongside Clooney's close friends, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in London last week. 

Sources claim Alamuddin would make the perfect political for a politician owing to her intelligence and being a multi-linguist. A source, speaking to the British tabloid, said "Now that Amal is by his side it has boosted his credentials even higher. She is as far removed as some of the girls he has previously dated and possesses incredible intelligence that bodes well if she ever does become First Lady."

The couple are to be married in September and sources suggest Clooney may launch his political career soon after. Alamuddin may have to move from London, where she is based, to the states to support her husband. 

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Amal Alamuddin
Amal Alamuddin is rumoured to be moving to the US to support her future husband's political career.