Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón's new space thriller will debut on Venice Film Festival's prestigious opening night on the Venice Lido. With a stark, but strong cast of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock the film will centre on two astronauts who are working on a space station, when they encounter problems after a meteor shower causes damage and the unthinkable happens - they are left alone to drift in orbit.

George Clooney
George Clooney Stars In Chilling New Space Thriller, Gravity. 

The intimacy of the small cast and the scenes shot from their point of view will lend a chilling claustrophobia to the film, as utilised most effectively on fellow thrillers Sunshine (2007) and Moon (2009). Indeed, the trailer evokes Moon's creeping solitude of space, as well as the bloodpumping disaster scenario of Sunshine combined with the deeply emotive piano notes on its soundtrack. Like those two films, it seems that Gravity will take a more psychological line as opposed to the kind of space action seen in Apollo 13 or Armageddon.

Alfonso Cuaron
Alfonso Cuarón Will Debut Gravity At Venice Film Festival.

It's been a while for director Alfonso Cuarón, whose last film was 2006's dystopian Children of Men which also debuted at Venice, winning the award for best cinematography in a film that too effectively exploited themes of panicked claustrophobia and despair. According to the Guardian, Cuarón and his production team, including his son with whom he co-wrote Gravity  - renowned cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki - faced many challenges when trying to shoot a realistic spacewalk.

Sandra Bullock
 Sandra Bullock Will Star As One Of The Floating Astronauts In Gravity.

The $80 million (£52,344,000) budget film will present a first for the 70 year-old festival as it has never opened with a 3D film before.

Watch The Trailer For Gravity:

The Venice Film Festival will open on 28th August and Gravity will screen out of competition on the Lido - a first for a Cuarón film. Gravity  will open in UK cinemas on 18th October this year (2013).